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Rick Phan

Regional Sales Manager

Rick provides boots on the ground support for all regional clients. He also works to drive and expand business growth. Rick started at SSI as an in-house marketer, making cold calls. From there, he grew and advanced to a position where he helps manage the western and high desert region for SSI. One of Rick’s proudest achievements was the successful deployment of a full enterprise digital system at Treasure Island Casino (T.I.) on the Las Vegas strip. This project helped solidify SSI as a main player in the corporate gaming space.

Rick’s top 5 job-related strengths include dedication; creative thinking/problem solving; willingness to do the right/tough things, so long as it is best for the customer and SSI; willingness to take ownership in all things designated as his responsibility and more; and honesty. Rick appreciates SSI’s internal culture of caring. He says, “We are a true family. When I had some health challenges in my family, countless SSI team members immediately asked how they can help and what they can do to help. This meant the world to me and my family.”

Outside of the office, Rick is a lifetime practitioner of various Martial Arts. He also volunteers at a friend’s fitness gym and teaches group fitness classes for retirees. He has rescued two Pit Bull dogs and also contributes to Pit Bull rescues.