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Masen Flowers

Regional Account Manager

Masen is here to take care of any and all customer needs to the best of his ability, whether they be quote requests, order processing, project design, or any issue, need, or question that may unexpectedly pop up. Masen has a wide range of customers which has led to a few diverse accomplishments. He takes pride in the fact that he has built a block of business from the ground up; with customers as small as a corner store, to as large Caesars — all being treated with the same respect and quality service. Through trusting relationships and great product knowledge, Masen and Austin Flowers were able to replace a Cisco network at a Penn property with Extreme Networks, the first of its kind.

Masen’s top 5 job-related strengths are: 1) Assertiveness to make customers’ wants/needs happen, even when it seems implausible. He is driven to provide the best possible customer service, leading him to go the extra mile. 2) Friendly, people-person type personality. 3) The grit to continually lead calls and talk with new people to drum up new business. 4) Product knowledge to be proactive with customer needs, whether it is camera specs, VMS needs, or networking additions. He has the ability to recommend products and assist with problems rather than be reactive. 5) Being able to balance the skill of cultivating accounts and relationships with no previous contact from SSI, while also being able to come into an SSI loyal account with seamlessness. Having both the ability to form new relationships, and maintain old ones is one of his greatest strengths.

Outside of work, Masen enjoys grilling/smoking meats, Muay Thai, snowboarding, playing video games, fishing, basketball, watching sports, and traveling. He has assisted with the charity Allegiant Giving and believes in going out of his way to keep his community clean.