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Don Mosbacher SSI

Don Mosbacher​

Business Development Manager - North America

Don’s job is to build and maintain strong “win-win” relationships between SSI the customer base, as well as to create strong pull-through sales. Some of Don’s notable work at SSI includes the following: He traveled throughout NM, CO, WY, MT & CA and sold security camera systems to the Native American Gaming Industry (Ranging from $1000 to $1.3 million). He has been involved in several surveillance system upgrades and surveillance system systems for new casinos in the Northern California/Northern Nevada region (Ranging from $150,000 to $4 million). He was tasked to open SSI in Canada and developed relationships/sales with the key contacts for the Canadian Casino Industry.

Don’s top job-related strengths include strong communication, leadership, negotiation, and coaching skills.

Outside of the office, Don enjoys cycling, golf, kayaking, camping, weight training, and USATF Masters javelin throwing. He also participates in USATF Officiating and Christian lay counseling.