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"Partnering with SSI has been a great experience.   They are always quick to serve our needs and go out of their way to meet our deadlines.   They've always gone above and beyond to exceed our expectations."  

- PBP Gaming

"As a Surveillance Manager, if you are looking for the best prices, customer service, and quality then Surveillance Systems Integration is perfect for you.   From the first day I started working with SSI over 5 years ago, I have felt truly valued as a customer.   Establishing relationships with Michelle, Don, Kyle, Craig, Ruben, and others tells me that I am not just another sale.   These people want to help, they want to see me succeed and they truly care about my operation.   I couldn't be happier.   Thanks SSI!"  

- Route 66 Casino

"I have used SSI for years, and have not found a company that has surpasses their customer service.   They are friendly, professional, and always eager in assisting their clients.   I would recommend SSI to any colleagues, business associates, or friends.   They keep the fiduciary and budgetary responsibilities of their clients in mind, when discussing projects, orders and so forth."  

- Delaware North

"Long gone are the days where my Surveillance vendor was here today and gone tomorrow.   SSI has proven themselves time and time again by offering competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.   Their knowledgeable and friendly staff is attentive to our needs as a business and understands the importance of us remaining competitive in today's market.   From product exploration and demos to the final sales and installation, SSI has been there every step of the way.   Even when it's been a while since our last purchase, their sales and support staff continually exceed our expectations just by reaching out to see how things are going and what they can do to help.   SSI is a company I highly recommend to anyone in the Surveillance business; they value their customer and understand the importance of building quality relationships with those they continually serve."  

- Casino Del Sol Resort

"I just wanted to say thanks again for everything.   I know our request was last minute, but everything in the security industry is.   We were able to work with the tech and get the part installed and programmed and now we're back up and running.   It's your level of service that will not only keep our partnership going, but lead me to recommend your company for all future sales leads from our customers and vendors as well!   Again, thanks for saving me money!"  


"Working as a surveillance technician sometimes comes with a very high level of stress and very demanding schedules to turn out projects on-time and precisely, which means there has to be others involved in helping meet those seemingly impossible deadlines.   I have had the great pleasure of working with Surveillance Systems Integration, Austin Flowers and many other great sales professionals there for a few years and their genuine caring and professional attitudes have always exceeded my expectations.   It begins with a courteous greeting and they monitor the order until it arrives on the dock.   Their exemplary service is very rare and I would recommend them to anyone."  

- Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel

"SSI has always been there when we needed them the most.   They are here to make friends and develop a relationship, instead of going for just a sale.   Simply put, SSI has mastered the art of customer service.   They are outstanding and have amazing products and support."  

- Silver Reef Casino

"SSI is an example of what it means to provide customer service on every level!   Even after years of working with your staff I continue to be impressed with your pricing, attention to detail, and ability to respond quickly to every need that we have."  

- Gila River Casinos