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SSI has developed multiple strategic partnerships with all levels of law enforcement agencies to design and install video surveillance systems to help secure their unique requirements, and act as the core system that can tie together public and private entities powered by SSI's "Community Video Data Sharing" program.   SSI has also served as consultants directing law enforcement agencies to resources that will provide grant funds to assist in the investment of these core systems.

There are many areas of concern for law enforcement including:

  • Public Common Areas such as Entrance & Exits to Buildings
  • Front Main Check in Counter
  • Main Public Parking Lot and Driveways
  • Employee Parking Lots
  • Employee Exit Doors (mainly for non-employee's entering on piggyback from access door being left open)
  • City / County Owned Vehicle Parking Lot
  • Main Gates to Yard
  • Booking
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Jail (if applicable)
  • Sally Port (Sally Port is a secure, controlled entryway)
  • Interview Rooms
  • Main Elevators
  • Evidence Room
  • Impound Yard
  • Ammunition / Weapons Storage

SSI's vast product offering includes today's newest technologies:

  • Community Video Data Sharing
  • Covert Video
  • Smart Recorders
  • Video Analytics
  • Facial Recognition
  • IP Video
  • Megapixel Video
  • Mobile Recorders
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Video Storage Lockers
  • Analog Solutions
  • Observation Room Design
  • Custom Furniture

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"There is not another company I would choose to work with other than SSI, a solid integrator who knows their stuff!"

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