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Never has it been more important for public and independent schools administrators to integrate school security with their business and educational strategies.   One only needs to watch a national news broadcast to recognize the disturbing increase in school related violence that occurs on a weekly basis.

Imagine yourself in a room in front of several hundred parents, a dozen reporters with television cameras and lights in your face, and a person asking you, "What have you done to improve security in my child's school?"   Could you answer that question with confidence and sincerity?

SSI will assist you as part of your school safety and security assessment team.   Video surveillance and access control combined with physical security and school policies can greatly reduce the wide variety of risks associated to campus environments.   In addition to creating a safe and secure place for our children to learn, schools also must be prepared for:

  • Incidence of Crime
  • Trespassers & Unwelcomed Visitors
  • Vandalism
  • Theft / Burglary
  • Attacks on Students / Staff Members
  • Drug Abuse / Distribution
  • Parking Lot Security

SSI has designed and installed systems for all levels of education utilizing today's newest technologies including:

  • IP Video
  • Analog Solutions
  • Megapixel Cameras
  • Network Recording
  • Video Storage Lockers
  • Video Analytics
  • Access Control
  • Security Room Design
  • Custom Furniture

What Our Clients Are Saying

"When I need the correct product fast, SSI has always been one of my most reliable sources. When I have an unusual security situation to solve, SSI has consistently proven that they can provide equipment that is compatible with what I already use, at a reasonable price."

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