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Surveillance Systems Incorporated actively supports the local community along with veterans and members of the United States Armed Forces.   We believe that free enterprise is founded on the sacrifice of others who have helped to keep this great land of opportunity safe.   We show such support by being an Allegiant Giving Partner with active participation in the Allegiant Battle for Veterans cause.   Visit the Allegiant Giving website for information on how you can get involved or donate.  

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Allegiant Giving exists solely to drive the enrichment of our local community through the development of its future leaders.   Allegiant Giving focuses on two meaningful opportunities - the advancement of youth sports programs and military veteran services.   Each cause is a deserving, vital component for strengthening the fabric of our society, yet both are severely underfunded.   Allegiant Giving and its partners aim to change that.  

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The mission of Battle for Veterans is to honor, invest, and connect our communities to our Military Veterans.   In doing so we will improve and empower their ongoing transition from active service into civilian life, and provide a direct conduit for community members' involvement.  

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