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SSI has been committed to providing exceptional customer service to the gaming industry since 2002.   We treat every customer, sale and project with complete satisfaction as the primary objective regardless of the size and scope.   SSI's customer service team, project managers and technicians are trained to offer the newest technologies in addition to in-depth knowledge of currently offered solutions.


SSI is pioneering new technologies and strategies to assist in the war against organized retail crime (ORC).   SSI has developed and successfully deployed a unique strategy that connects retailers and law enforcement in a proactive program that has resulted in the arrests of the known thieves, fraudsters and ORC members.  


Securing the environment of care is a challenging and continual effor for most healthcare security managers, who face unique challenges in balancing the open campus environment with the protection needs of the hospital's patients, employees, and other assets.   SSI has worked closely with risk managers to employ today's newest industry leading technologies to strategically combat the attacks against the healthcare system.  


SSI has a proven history of providing public entities with industry leading solutions.   SSI has provided installation services and products utilizing GSA and CMAS contracting vehicles.  


Never has it been more important for public and independent schools administrators to integrate school security with their business and educational strategies.   SSI will assist you as part of your school safety and security assessment team.  

Law Enforcement

SSI has developed multiple strategic partnerships with all levels of law enforcement agencies to design and install video surveillance systems to help secure their unique requirements.   SSI has also served as consultants directing law enforcement agencies to resources that will provide grant funds to assist in the investment of these core systems.  

Commercial & Industrial

Securing your people and assets is mission critical to the success of your business, regardless of the industry you're in.   You need to comply with security regulations, reduce risk, mitigate liability, protect revenue streams, and reduce operating costs and insurance premiums.   SSI has experience in a wide variety of commercial buildings from high rise office complexes to enormous warehouse distribution centers.  

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SSI is positioned in the industry as a leading provider of security products.   Our purchasing power has secured distribution level pricing or better, but it's our customer service that is the difference maker.   SSI's customer support team will treat every order, regardless of size, as the most important order of the day with a please and thank you.   At SSI you can expect:

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SSI has established a solid reputation in the industry on a simple principle: The Best Possible Customer Experience.   SSI's customer support continues after the sale with telephone support, preventative maintenance, software support and more.   Our true objective is to provide simple solutions saving you time and money.  

SSI's service and maintenance agreements can cover new or pre-existing systems regardless of who initially installed the system.   SSI will design a service agreement based on your specific needs and unique requirements.   SSI can bundle remote access for immediate support, provide software and hardware updates while serving and prolonging the life of your existing system.  

SSI's trained technicians will offer information on the newest technologies and make recommendations that will help future-proof your investment.   Some companies claim customer satisfaction, while SSI guarantees it.

SSI technicians are trained and certified by the security industry's leading manufacture of surveillance technologies, including:

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SSI has provided installation services and products utilizing GSA and CMAS contracting vehicles.  

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